Lighthouse College in Dallas: Your New Career Starts Here

Train For A Career, Not Just A Degree
At Lighthouse College in Dallas, we understand that finding rewarding, high-paying employment can be a challenge. Having a diploma can help land you an interview, but it is your skills and hands-on training that will land you the job.

All of our career training programs are tailored to fit the needs of industry-leading employers across the U.S. This way, when you graduate from Lighthouse College in Dallas, you graduate with the knowledge and technical abilities you need to get a great-paying job and succeed at it.
Financing Your Future
Ready for a new career but not sure if you can afford it? Don't let the daunting task of financing your education discourage you. Let Lighthouse College in Dallas guide you through the maze of financial aid options available.

Lighthouse College in Dallas works with nearly all of the major financial aid providers throughout the country. In addition to the many student financial aid programs we participate in, we are also an approved provider for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).
Training for In-Demand Careers
With the job market as tight as it is, you want to ensure you are training for the careers of tomorrow. At Lighthouse College in Dallas we make sure the career you train for today will be the career in-demand in the future.

You can train for a number of exciting careers in fields such as Medical, Legal and Biomedical Technology. Regardless of what career path you choose, you can be rest assured that the training you receive at Lighthouse College in Dallas will prepare you for a life-long, successful career.